Navigation Instructions for Modern Light Player

I am trying to find a great example of nav instructions to use at the beginning of each course. I've built a couple of iterations, but none of them are doing it for me; either too busy or too clunky. My issue is that I can't really point to each control b/c the player is outside the content frame; and when I tried to do a rendition of the player inside the content frame, it looks confusing to see the player still on the outside... suggestions? I can't rebuild my whole course at this point and use my own player btw. It has to be with modern light player; but if there was a way to turn it off for that one slide, that would probably be the best way. Help?!

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Access Pointe

Thank you for responding! Unfortunately, none of those examples actually address the issue. In the modern player, you can't "reach" any of the navigation elements, or highlight them, or even really point to them because they change position if the menu is on or off. Ideally, one could highlight each of the elements and pop out a description. Are there any new solutions to this issue? This is the best I could come up with...