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Hi All, I'm a newbie to Storyline, and sure I'm missing something obvious.

I have a 6-scene articule story. Each scene has a number of slides. Anywhere from 3-15 slides. I'm publishing just HTML5 to the web. No iPad, LMS, etc.

In the menu, I just want the scene headings. Not the individual slides. I.E. the student should just be able to jump to a new scene, not in the middle of a scene. In storyline player, menu, Options, I have navigation restriction set to free. The menu appears to be setup properly, with the scene headings.

However, when playing through the web, I can't skip from scene to scene. I do have several ifile html statements to stream video from the web, but I don't' think that's the issue.

Could someone take a look? Again, I think I'm missing something obvious.

Course is here:

Story file is here:

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Robert Lengacher

Michael - It looks like you're pretty new to E-Learning Heroes, so welcome!

I believe that your menu is only displaying the scene name, not the name of the first slide in each scene that the student can freely navigate too. That's also why nothing is highlighted in the menu as you proceed through the module.

Here's what I did to bring back the functionality.

  1. Home tab > click Player

  2. Player Properties dialog > click Menu

  3. On the Menu screen > Click the Reset from Story icon on the lower right below the menu to display all the slides in your module.

  4. On the Menu screen > Double-click the name of the first slide in each scene and change the name to match the name of the scene. (This will only change the name in the menu, not on the base slide in the editor).

  5. On the Menu screen > Click each slide in the scene after slide #1 and press the red X below the menu area to delete the slide name from the menu. (You probably already did this before).

  6. On the Menu screen > Click the name of the scene above Slide #1 in each scene and click the red X to delete the name. Then click "Keep" in the alert box that pops up to keep the title for Slide #1 that you changed in step 4. (See image below).

  7. Now repeat steps 4-6 for the other scenes.

  8. Click OK in the lower right corner of the Player Properties dialog to save your changes.

Now when the student clicks the name of a scene name, he or she will jump to slide 1 in that scene. One weakness of this approach is that the scene name won't be highlighted if the student is on slides other than slide 1 in that scene. Maybe someone else can figure it out.

I've attached the updated project for you to check out.

Michael Bruns

Robert Lengacher said:

I'm glad it was able to help, Michael. I hope the project is successful!

So far so good, here is a working demo:

If any of the Articulate developers are reading this, I'd suggest an option that if a user points to a Scene in a navigation action, the navigation will automatically direct the user to the first slide of that scene.