Navigation issues: No narration when clicking back

Sep 17, 2015



Appreciate quick help on this. I'm using the player's next and prev buttons, but if a learner clicks "back" more than once (i.e. going back 2 slides), the narration / audio doesn't play.


Edited to add: Audio sometimes doesn't play when I navigate to the first slide of the lesson by clicking on it from the menu OR clicking back.

Any ideas?







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Maya Yifat

Hi again,

Follow up question:

 I figured I need to set *all* slides' properties to: Advance by user and reset to initial state, but the default is always this...

Is there a way to set this up as a global setting so that each new slide has default settings as I need them to be? I've been going slide by slide by slide and changing this. And I have a LOT of slides in my course :-)


Thanks and have a great day




Terry Coe


I asked this question a few months bock. It seems that some may be able to do a blanket settings change from the menu located  in the same place as the slide menu, only when you are looking at the story view.

That didnt work for me and I had to click on each slide once in story view then use the slide menu in the bottom right.

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