Navigation & Layer problem

Please can someone help me?

I have a navigation page which I have added buttons with triggers that when all the buttons are visited then a second layer shows. The issue is that when the user clicks on their last button, the button changes to visited and the second layer momentarily flashes up. I only want this layer to show up after the user has visted the page trigged by the button and returns to the naviagation page.

Please can someone advise how to fix this?

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Phil Mayor

Hi Louise

This is because you are using the visited state, if you are leaving the slide it is better to use variables to track and a custom completed state.

the file I have uploaded has a demo that shows how this works, it is in the scene progression.

My general rule is

If you are tracking on a slide use the visisted state, if you leave the slide use variables

The visited state fires as soon as its pressed which is why the layer is showing