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Sep 25, 2014

We updated our iPad 2 to IOS 8 recently. We then ran courses published in in Storyline Version 1 and 2, HTML5, viewed on an iPad using Safari (not the Articulate Mobile App).

We noticed that the built-in Storyline navigation Next and Previous buttons were no longer responsive compared to their responsiveness in IOS 7. We had to tap the Next and Previous buttons several times (as many as a dozen in some cases) in order for them to function and move to the appropriate screen. The issues appears to be inconsistent, so one Next button may require three taps one time, and then two taps another time, and eight taps at another time.

When we click Next, the progress on the seekbar stops, even if the screen does not go to the next screen. The issue does not occur when we use our custom Next and Previous buttons.

It also takes more than one tap on the built-in Submit button on quiz screens. Again, some Submit buttons are more response than others.

The issue does not occur on a Flash browser or in Chrome using HTML5 on laptop using Windows 7. The Next buttons are response in IOS 7. It just seems to be IOS 8 on any version of Storyline.

I had two people confirm the issue in a separate discussion board (LinkedIn). Has anyone else run across this?

I will report this to Articulate support, but I would appreciate if an Articulate representative can comment on the issue here. We would not be able to use Storyline for our clients with this issue, and we just purchased Version 2.

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Jose Halupa

Hey, so for whatever reason I am having the same unresponsive NEXT and PREV buttons, but this issue is occurring in Firefox, and even when I preview the course in Storyline 2.  I've tried removing all the "next" buttons, and then adding them back in, but that does not seem to correct the issue.

I am using a player template that was designed in Storyline 1, the navigation buttons I am using are the ones on the player.

Any thoughts?  Has anyone else encountered this?

Jose Halupa

So I did a little more playing around, and turns out that it did not like the player that was imported from SL1 with the content.  I reset to the Storyline Player, and then customized it again and saved and now everything seems to be sorted out.  I have a few other courses that I am building using content started in SL1, if the same issue occurs I will log it as a bug.  For now I will treat it as a one off.

Just to close the loop though, I was not publishing it in HTML5 or iPad compatible, typically I actually disable those options unless specifically asked for them to be on.  I also did send the story file to a colleague who tested and they had the same issues as well leaving the player as is.

So in short... if you are having issues with responsiveness of NEXT and PREV buttons, try resetting the player and then customizing it again.


Patrick Ryan

Emily Burnett said:

Hello Patrick,

It looks as if this issue has been reported to our QA team for review.  At this time there is not updates, but I will let them know that you are experiencing the same issue.

You can check back here for any updates.

Emily, shouldn't Articulate have had access to the IOS 8 pre-release as developer so you could test version 2 on IOS 8? Clicking the Next button should have been the only thing you needed to do to test it in that environment.

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