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Courses created in Storyline do not appear with the navigation items at the top of the page (resources, glossary etc) when viewed in the ipad viewer app.

I have created some courses, and to reduce the real estate have put the menu at the top, rather than the side. In the viewer app users cannot access the menu.

Is there something that should be done when publishing?

Is there any workaround?



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Jeanette Brooks

Hi there Matthew, 

I'm sorry, but currently the Articulate Mobile Player app doesn't support player tabs on the topbar left or topbar right. Here's a page which lists Storyline features and how they are supported in each of the output options (Flash, HTML5, and Articulate Mobile Player). We'd welcome you to submit a feature request to our dev team if you'd like to see future support for topbar player tabs in the Articulate Mobile Player.

In the meantime, if you want to display a menu but prefer not to put it in the sidebar, one thing you could do would be to build your menu manually on a slide, and add a button on your other slides (or even better, place the button on a master slide layout), which  lightboxes the menu slide. Here's a screenr where Tom shares how to build that effect: 

Sinchu Raj

HI Jeanette,

Hope you are doing good.i have a doubt, how can i show the button on the top of the page, i mean i have created the button in slide master and its coming in all the pages but if i want to use a big image or something in the page level then the button the one i created in the lide master will go any option i can show the button on the top.

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Sinchu! Well ideally you could structure your slide designs around the button you've created on your master slide, so that it doesn't get obscured. But if you do have certain slides where this doesn't work well (like if an object on the slide covers up the button), you could always copy the button from the slide master and past it to the slide itself, so that it's on top of any other objects. The trigger (to open the lightbox slide) should travel with it when you paste.

Dayn Wilkins

Hi Jeanette.

Any news on this? I'm trying to do the same thing - ie have a menu in a Lightbox, but it doesn't close the Lightbox window in the Mobile Player (even with a Close lightbox trigger assigned to each menu button).

I was just this morning notified of an update the the Mobile Player and downloaded it, but still no joy.

Dayn Wilkins

Hi Ed

I've been playing with almost the same thing (except not using variables, just triggers to display layers). But my menu is pretty big (56 slides in my module) and my menu has two levels (a drop-down with a level below that) and it seems to me that the trigger code and layers get published to each and every slide. This causes the files to load very slowly indeed on the Mobile Player app and HTML5 versions. The Flash version isn't too bad.

I've spent quite a lot of time on this, because I want a top menu (to make more use of the screen space), but I want it to work on all platforms. But the Mobile Player App doesn't support top menus (annoyingly).

It looks like I'm going to have put the menu in a separate scene and link to it from a button on the slide master. Which isn't perfect , but the best solution I've found so far.



Dayn Wilkins

Hi again

Here's  a link to a custom top menu, built into the Slide Masters, which works on all platforms (Flash, HTML5 and Mobile Player), except that it seems to bloat the published files, making them extremely slow to load on the Mobile Player app. The content has been stripped out for confidentiality reasons.

So I ended up taking the layers out of the slide masters and building the menu on a separate slide, and then linking to it from a button in the slide master. Which loads faster but doesn't look quite so good, as you lose the slide in the background. And it messes up the function of the previous button.

Anyone trying to do anything similar? Any thoughts much appreciated.