Navigation problem with Result slide


I've been trying to implement a behavior with Quiz & Result slides, but so far I've failed to get what I want.

Here is the idea : I have several Quiz Slides in a row (Multiple Selection), and I want the user to review the right responses, only if he/she answered wrong, and immediately after each Quiz.

Also, I want to skip the "Review Quiz" button, so that the use case is :

- see and do the quiz

- show the Incorrect layer and Continue Button if wrong

- see the review slide immediately

It works almost fine just by changing the trigger on the Result slide to "review quiz" when the timeline starts.

The issue I have is with the navigation button "Previous' and "Next". I can't really understand where I should set what. When I get the player button back after the quizz, they seem "locked" in the quiz and would not move to the next slide, even if I manually set a trigger to move to the next slide when pressing "Next".

I tried both solutions : creating as many result slides as the number of quiz, and creating only one result slide for all quizz, but none would work.

So the questions are :

- should I use a separate Result Slide for each Quiz or only one ?

- how to make the Previous and Next button work on the Result Slide after reviewing the Quiz ?

Thanks a lot !


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Cedric and welcome to Heroes!

If the results slide is the last slide in your course the "next" button may not have anywhere to go - and you could remove it from that individual slide. 

You should only need one results slide for your quiz questions, unless you'd want to show a score for them all individually - but it sounds like your set up is forcing the user to go to a results slide which automatically jumps into the review, so essentially the user is getting stuck in reviewing that one question? What about instead of using the built in review quiz functionality, you added the review information to the incorrect feedback layer? So that the pop up appears indicating they were wrong, and you could also add a check mark next to the correct answer? This way when the user continues they'll go to the next question, and so on until they hit the final results slide (which will calculate score, etc.) and you could offer the option there to "review" the quiz in it's entirety. You could also set up that final review to only show the users the questions that got wrong as described in this thread by Jeanette. 

Cédric Mallet

Hi Ashley

thank you for your response.

It sounds like using the incorrect feedback layer would be more appropriate, the only thing is that I'll have to build it manually instead of using the automatic review. I believe my need is slightly different from what the Review slide is for, because I don't want to show any score, only make sure the user sees the right answers before moving on to the next slides.

I'll give this method a try!