Navigation restriction changing based upon LMS detection in SL2

This is a complicated question, so I'm going to state it like this.

I was asked to see if I could:

  • publish ONE Storyline-based SCORM module that would have LMS integration, and in this incarnation, be in restricted navigation - the kind where you have to advance one slide at a time, and can't jump around freely;
  • also, using the same published module, have it response in a review mode - that is to say, non-SCORM/LMS integration - and in this mode, have free navigation - be able to jump around as you see fit, without the forward-only restriction.

I have asked my superiors if the simpler solution to this problem is to publish two versions of the module, one with SCORM/LMS integration and in restricted mode, and  another as web-based without LMS/SCORM integration, and in free mode. 

I had a notion that, if I take a stab at this, I might need to dig into the Javascript side of a published module and monkey about with detecting an LMS, and then sticking a couple of global functions into the user.js file. We are de-emphasizing the Flash packages in favor of the HTML5 version these days, so I wouldn't have to worry about two different Javascript APIs.

If someone knows how to remotely change the navigation mode in the player with a Javascript command, I might be able to do the rest.

I know Articulate does not support Javascript, and so this discussion might go nowhere. But I think it could be a useful thing to know how to do for the general developers who might be faced with this situation on an LMS deployment. 



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