Navigation Restriction makes course get stuck

Dec 09, 2014

In Storyline 1 we had our course set to 'restricted' so that we could show a menu - so the learner can see how far they are through the course, and go back to look at any learning, with out being able to skip forward through the course missing out screens.

In Storyline 2 this feature locks the 'next' button as well!

Is there any way to stop this?

IT is very annoying as it means you can get stuck on a screen with no way to move forward.

The 'next' button lock seems to work so that when you reach the end of your main timeline the button unlocks. - If you have buttons on that screen to reveal other information on separate layers, and the button is clicked before the player has run through the whole of the main layer timeline it is essential stuck - the 'next' button does not get released as the player never reaches the end of the screen.

I know one fix could be to lock the layer buttons on the screen till the timeline finishes - but this means a LOT of backward fixing for us, and also means that if you read quicker than the audio you have to wait around a long time - this is not giving any control to the user and is not ideal for elearning interaction.

I want the menu to be restricted but not the next buttons!!



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