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Good morning, all. Still new here with two courses under my belt. I left the player menu visible in one of them and had a problem with users not completing the course because they were navigating with the menu out of order and not following instructions on the screen. Is there a way that the menu can show but users can't interact with it?

Also, is there a tutorial out there that would include the steps to disable the Next button until the user has clicked on all the objects on a slide? I've read a brief discussion on this, but I'm not sure I have all the steps thought out. For example, I can't see how you can change the state of the player Next button. Any outline on this topic is appreciated. Thanks!

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Walt Hamilton

There is a tutorial here that will help you set menu navigation to locked, which is what I think you want.

As to disabling the Next button, I don't have a tutorial, but here is a module that requires the user to view 4 different information sources, after which the Previous and Next buttons become visible.

I do not support, as some do, that you show the buttons, but disable them. I personally am very frustrated if I can see the Next button, but can't click on it.

Scott Wiley

Hello Cheryl,

While I agree with Walt on the frustration one can get from clicking what seems to be a functional button but nothing happens, I think it can be minimized by creating a kind of prompt that explains why it doesn't take them anywhere yet.

In my case, I created a slide that I would use as a "lightbox" and can be shown from anywhere in the course. I made it appear similar to the prompt that appears when a quiz question is submitted without choosing anything. It has some text saying "You need to view all items before continuing the course." and a button saying "OK."

Example: Let's say I have a slide in my course that has 4 buttons that I want clicked before being allowed to continue.

First, I modified my Next button trigger with conditions to check that each button's state is equal to "visited". Be sure to choose "AND" for each button (btn1 = "visited" AND btn2 = "visited, etc.)

The I create another trigger on the Next button, to show my "show all" lightbox slide if any of my buttons state is not equal to "visited." In this case, be sure to choose "OR" (btn1 != "visited" OR btn2 != "visited", etc.)

You can copy those triggers and paste on any new slide that has multiple items you want clicked. Of course you'll have to then modify your conditions based on number and name of new buttons.

Hope that helps.


Scott Wiley

No problem.

Also, I just remembered that if you are working with Storyline 2 you can set the state of the Next button to "Hidden" when the timeline starts. The create another trigger to change the state to "Visible" when all your button states are "Visited", similar to previous post.

My first post was a possible solution I've used in SL2.