Navigation through Slide Master is not working

Oct 09, 2017


I have made a very simple navigation bar for a course that I'm building that sits on a Slide Master and created a hover state for it so when a user hovers a mouse over the Previous, Next or Menu buttons the colour should change. 

The background is meant to turn white with a grey icon and the background does change - however the icon doesn't turn to grey and just disappears. 

I haven't worked with mater slides before and a bit baffled why this is happening when in the states that I have made it shows a white background with a grey icon no problems.  


Best Wishes,


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Helen Tyson

Hi Jonna,

I've had a quick look at your file and I think the problem is because the hover state is made up of two separate objects. I don't know why this is, but if you use an image rather than two shapes it seems to work. Create an image by selecting the two shapes (rectangle and arrow icon), right click and "Save as picture" and then use this in the hover state.

Hope that helps


Jonna Fraser

Hi Helen,

Thank you for having a look and for the advice - that works a treat. Didn't realise that having the shape and arrow as two separate items would cause an issue.  

Know this is completely separate matter but do you any chance deliver the Storyline training? Just that I attended one 4 (?) years ago in Dublin and it was held at the airport hotel. I took part in one of your webinars last week about visual fatigue and thought you might have been our trainer. As you replied to this felt would take the opportunity to ask :) 

Best Wishes,



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