Navigation with custom buttons SL 2

Hello everyone, 

My client wants to use custom Prev/Next buttons and disable the player navigation. They also want to use individual slides versus slide layers, even for content that would normally be chunked into layers. They want to have these chunked content slides automatically advanced and only use the custom NEXT button when we're moving to new content. I have grey PREV/NEXT buttons on all the screens that have no triggers attached. When the learner reaches the end of a timeline where I want them to manually advance, the buttons turn gold. So far it's easy.

Here's where I'm getting stuck. The client wants the learner to be able to click backwards through the module as much as necessary using the PREV button. But to be consistent, the navigation buttons need to turn gold. For example, slides 1, 2, and 3 advance automatically (grey buttons) and slide 4 is a manual advance so when they reach the end of the timeline the buttons turn gold.  If the learner wants to go back to slide 3, they simply hit the gold PREV button. But, then once they're on slide 3, they need a gold NEXT button to move forward again. But I already have a trigger that states the slide advances automatically.

As I see it, I have 2 issues:

1) I need grey buttons to become gold on automatically advanced slides ONLY IF the learner has already visited the slide and is viewing it a 2nd time. 

2) I need to "turn off" the auto advance when a slide is being visited for the 2nd time. 

I have no idea how to make this happen but I think it has something to do with states and conditions, neither of which I've ever been able to figure out.

Can anyone help? I am using Storyline 2.









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