Navigation within Draw from Question Bank to Results Slide

Let's start here: I already created code that works without Question Banks/Random questions. This is the first time this code is being implemented with Question Banks/Random questions.

The previous code has triggers in Correct and Incorrect layers that sets a question-specific variable (Q1, Q2, etc.) to 1 or 0 (correct or incorrect), based on learner response. Learner gets 1 try for each question. There is a Results slide with 2 triggers: Get every question right? Go to success layer. Get ANY question wrong, Results are reset and a button routes you back to beginning of quiz, but a trigger on each question will only display questions you haven't answered correctly yet. When you finally get all questions correct, you go to the Success layer of the initial results slide, which instantly routes you to the next slide which is a tracked Fill in the Blank question which is auto-filled with the correct answer and you're instantly routed to a 2nd results slide (because the initial results are reset each round), which submits results to LMS since you passed.

All of that works just as expected.

Enter random questions ... I have an 8 question Question Bank. Learner takes all 8 questions.

The Assessment Scene has an intro slide and 8 Draw Question from Bank slides, then a Results slide (the same initial one as described above). HOWEVER, you never reach the Failure layer, but it DOES route you back through the questions. I don't know why this behavior is happening. 1) Why doesn't it stop at the Results Failure layer? and 2) What is making go back to the beginning of the quiz automatically.

In the end, it almost works as I want: take every question until you get them right, BUT there is no feedback at the end of a "lap", it's just an endless loop of questions until you get them all correct.

Any ideas?




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