Need a Dial that follows the angles from 0 to 360 degrees which would move in the Counter-Clockwise direction (The Unit Circle).

Nov 12, 2018

I'm trying to give a bunch of PowerPoint slides some life by animating them or making them interactive by rotating a dial 360 degrees with 0 degrees starting at 3 o'clock and rotating counter clock-wise in 30 degree increments.  I have tried many different dial settings, some getting odd or unpredictable results, but none have worked.  I have attached my SL360 file along with some pictures of what I am trying to simulate.  Getting the different slides to show as layers in SL360 is no problem.  I'm just trying to get the dial to rotate in the direction that is the normal convention for this topic.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Thank you.

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Michael Anselmo

Yes, AWESOME! That's what I am looking for. So, I see, starting it at 360 with the trigger only allows me to go back (CCW) which is exactly what I needed. Thank you Michael. I believe you half helped me on few of these I've gotten stuck on. Thank you for responding so quickly as well.

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