Need a Storyline contact

Would someone be available for me to talk to this morning about some of Storyline's specific functionality?

I have a project that I need to complete asap. Cap6 hasn't been able to handle the project requirements - I've attempted to build part of the course in the SL trial but I've run into a few issues...hoping if I ask the right person you can quickly straighten me out.


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Mary H.

I need to have the learner complete a system simulation where they click the correct place on the screen, enter the correct text/numeral in the field, tab to the next field, enter text/numeral, tab to the next field, and so on.

When I Preview, the slide with the type, enter, tab action is blank(white) and the navigation panel on the left says "Enter 1,1,0,0....", which is the correct text/numerals.

Is this clear as mud?

Mary H.

More info - Apparantly it's a text entry interaction that covers the entire slide (if I reduce the size of the interaction box you can see the system capture underneath). However, instead of being able to enter 1 TAB 1 TAB 0 TAB, etc I can only enter won't let me tab from field to field.