Need advice on admin area

Mar 22, 2022

Dear everyone,
As a starting ICT coach at my primary school, I started a project where I make lessons with articulate. I upload these lessons via the elearningfreak plugin on a wordpress site and let students log in with their Google account from school. This is going well and my colleagues are enthusiastic. The next step is to create an admin area where teachers can set up lessons and view results. Since it is a school project for our school only, the costs should not be too high. Who has the best tip for me to tackle this?

Thanks in advance!

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Art Nijenboer

Dear Phil,

Thank you for your response. In the meantime I bought Learndash and Uncanny Owl and installed them on my Wordpress website. Still I can't get it made the way I want it to. As an example I made a simple sketch with Photoshop to show what my goal is. Is this possible with Storyline, Learndash and any plugin?

Kind regards,