NEED an exactFit setting

I have a requirement to add headers and footers to our e-learning products outside of the learning content.

Prior to using Storyline, we were using a Flash interface created in-house. That interface incorporated space for headers and footers to hold title data, disclaimers, etc. That data needs to be visible 100% of the time and cannot be obstructed by other course content or objects (drop down menus, etc).

I have tried adding the headers and footers required by the client using divs in the story.html (or story.js). I have also alternatively used table/data cells to add them.

Adding the headers and footers is not an issue; that is accomplished easily enough.

The problem is:

  • Using "noscale" for the product in order to ensure the headers and footers stay in place at the top and bottom of the content obviously makes it so that the content cannot be scaled to the browser window if the user re-sizes the browser
  • Using "showAll" allows the product to be scaled but proportionally width to height; this causes the product to become smaller in its table area, but pushes the headers and footers out of the visible window because they scale to the window size.

If I had an "exactFit" solution, I could use a function (as we have in a our products previously) to open the product at the correct scale and allow for proportional resizing that would include the headers and footers, while keeping them in place directly above and below the product.

I really, really need this solution. I am not necessarily asking for a feature request (although I have already submitted a feature request for this) but rather, an edit to the existing html and/or js that allows for exactFit.



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