Need another set of eyes: Troubleshooting trigger/states issue with buttons

Nov 20, 2018

Hi all,

I'm doing a word search for terms and definitions, and I'm encountering a problem with states being triggered when they shouldn't be (no trigger exists). Can someone (especially Articulate staff) check out the attached file to see if I'm overlooking something before I submit this as a bug report? (Instructions for seeing the bug in action are in the file.)

Please note: This is just a simple mockup involving three everyday words. For simplicity (and to remove sensitive information), I had to go with a mockup. The actual word search in my course is a 13X18 letter grid with 22 words. Thus, the need for "hints." (If it were smaller/simpler, I wouldn't need the hints that are causing me grief.)

Thank you in advance for any help!


Storyline 360, version 3.21.17083.0

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Daniel Servan

Hi Lisa,

I have fixed the issue.

I replaced the 1st highlighter to a Shape instead of a button.

Please resize the highlighter as it might be larger than your actual size.

I think the problem is the 1st Highlighter because the Highlighted state is a button. So your Object is a Button with another Button inside Highlighted State. It is like wrapping an Apple with an Apple.

By replacing this with a Circle Shape, and added a Visited, Highlighted states will fix the issue.

See the attached Story file.

Lisa Spirko

Hi Daniel! Thank you so much for your help with this. This is a great fix!

Buttons do seem to be quirky when it comes to states, but I'm thinking much of the problem is with the built-in states. I had another issue a few weeks ago when working on a crossword puzzle, and there I was using shapes, no buttons at all. (Don't ask me why I used buttons instead of shapes this time... lapse of memory, I guess.) I ended up changing the problematic built-in Selected state to a customized state that did the same thing visually, and it fixed the problem. 

Thinking about how states have caused me problems in the past, yesterday after I posted this, I thought I would try changing the trigger that disables the first letter buttons to hide them instead. That also seemed to do the trick, although I do think your shapes solution is a cleaner and less problematic solution.

So, in case someone stumbles on this thread in anguish over similar state problems, it seems that there are two possible fixes for this issue: (1) going with shapes instead of buttons or (2) hiding instead of disabling buttons when you don't need them anymore. And if the problem still occurs, try using shapes with customized states instead of the built-in ones.

I'm attaching a fixed version with my "hidden" triggers solution for buttons (located on the Close buttons on the popup layers), in case anyone needs to see this fix.

Many thanks again, Daniel! I like your shapes fix and will go with shapes instead of buttons for uses like this.


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