Need Enter key to advance and print results in the same project

Hello, thanks for your help!
I am working on a project where the learner has to use the enter key to submit text entry questions and, I usually publish to CD but learned that the enter key function doesn't work when publishing to CD. So I switched to publish to web, only to find out that the print results page is not supported in html5. 
One work around I tried was to have the learner enter their name directly to the results page slide and print that from the browser. However the learner has to go through four additional steps to print from the browser which detracts from what they need to learn.
Another work around was to add a 'print results' tab on the topbar and attach a word doc that they could enter their name on and print, but the 'print results' tab is available through the whole course. There is not an option to turn it off for each slide like the preset resources tab, which I have to use as well.
Unless I rename the resources tab to print results and just create a new resources tab that can appear the whole course. Would that work?
If anyone has a better, more learner friendly work around that would be great! 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Christine,

I'll defer to the community for some additional ideas and workarounds, but I did want to let you know that our team is aware of the change in the report.html file no longer being accessible in the SL360 HTML5 output and difficulties with the Print results output - so they are investigating any other options that we may be able to implement in future updates.

We'll keep you posted in the community about any changes with that!