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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Tim. Welcome to E-Learning Heroes,

So, you'd like to have the learner drop an item on a target, then select an object before submitting their question, correct? What type of object do you need the learner to select? One option would be to create a state and trigger that state for "on click". Then, add a condition to the "Next" button that requires that state for the learner to move forward.

If you can give a little more information, I'd be happy to try and make a quick example for you.

Welcome, again!


Tim Wright


You really are a hero. Here is the deal:

I have a free form drag and drop that I want to combine with an object selection. Its an emergency response simulator. Specifically, the learner drags the person to the right position in there cubilce like "take cover" or "evacuate" but they also select the right phone number to call like "911" or our security desk at "6666" by clicking on that phone number object. then they hit submitt to get feed back if they did it right. I could just do two drag objects like drag the person to the right target AND drag the right number to the phone target, but I'd like the former way if possible. Thanks.

Also since I have an expert here...

On another side, my freeform drag and drops stop working if I add hover state changes to the drag objects. Is that a known problem. I have a few characters that have speach bubbles as a new state when you hover, and they are dragable to a target. But like I said once I add the hover state the submit button response is "invalid answer, you must complete the question" its like it can't see the dragable object when it has a state change.

Thanks a gain!


Helen Tyson

Hi Tim

I've put this sample together that I think works the way you want. It uses triggers to change the state of objects and buttons and then the question element is a freeform Pick One based on the state of the buttons which I'd usually hide off the slide so you can't see them.

Basically the blue square is the dragable 'person', the green and red squares are the take cover or evacuate options and then the click shapes are the phone options.  Go ahead and pull it apart, and if you want more information about how to set it up let me know.



Tim Wright


Im trying a very simple use of a variable to change the state of a brogress bar with no luck. Could you look at this simple story file for me?

I have a progress bar with several states. and on the next slide I have a adjust variable triger to change the variable. On the progress bar page I have a change state if variable changes with the condition that its the number the variable was changed to.