Need Help Creating a Trigger

Hey guys,

For one of my slides I would like for the learner to click through each part of a "spectrum" and review the content before they are allowed to advance to the next slide.

I wanted to achieve this by disabling the "next" button from the player and having a next button appear on the slide after the state of each part of the Spectrum is "selected" and they have reviewed the content.

I tried to create a trigger to have the:

  • Action - Show layer
  • Layer - "Next" (where the Next button appears and allows them to advance to the next slide)
  • When - State
  • On - Rectangles (each part of the spectrum)
  • Are: Visited (and I have "visited" states for each shape)

Consequently, when testing this it doesn't appear to work. I was wondering if someone had a tip/hint/workaround to my problem.

I provided an example of what the slide looks like in the attachement.

Thanks in advance!


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