Need help in creating a Yes/No interaction with custom buttons...

Hello everyone

I am trying to create an Yes/No interaction with a custom submit button. Note that the Yes/No buttons are also customized as per our Project requirements.

I am facing a problem in this - Once the user selects a button (say "Yes" button, he/she cannot deselect it. Thus, there is no option for the user to change his/her mind and select the "No" button. Is there a way to address this so that the user can get to select only one button at a time and if required, can deselect the button?

Also, the feedback should come at the end, after clicking the Submit button.

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soumya jena

Hi Wendy

I am not able the file you have attached. Its throwing an error as "The project cannot be opened. It may have been created in a newer version of storyline". I am using storyline 1 for my project.

I have attached the sample story file with the kind of interaction i need.