Need help in Menu, layout and completion in branching scenarios.

Oct 12, 2015

I have one course and Two types of audience. 

In my course, I have initial one teach scene where participant has to select Yes or No.  At this point the branching will start i.e  Scenario A and Scenario B. Scenario A has some teach pages and simulations, also Scenario B has some teach pages and simulations.  Some teach pages and Summary page is common for both Scenarios.  The completion criteria: Course needs to mark complete in LMS is Depending on the selection of the Scenario A or Scenario B. i.e I want to track them separately in the LMS. 

Also, I want to have a different menu for each scene within the course (as each scene acts as a standalone learning module).   At the moment, I am only able to see the menu with all my teach screen, simulations etc of Scenario A and Scenario B together. I need some advise or recommendations on the best layout.  Any advise is appreciated.

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Steve VE


Reporting results from individual branches to the LMS

Unfortunately, I do not think this is possible. While you can have multiple results slides in your project, only one results slide can be reported to the LMS (see the second paragraph on the Adding Results Slides).

Different menus for different branches

From my understanding, the menu covers the entire project and will, by default, include all the slides in the project. You can choose to show or hide slides at the project level but I do not think you can trigger separate menus based on the selected branch.

You can turn off the built-in menu and create a fully custom menu for each branch. But this will take some time and variable knowledge. This may not be worth the effort considering you can only report a single results slide to the LMS anyway.

A couple of options:

  • Create the branches as individual projects and list and launch them from the LMS. Each project can have it's own menu and results slide.
  • If you are branching them halfway through the course you could create the common content as one project and create the branches as two other projects. Then you would link to the branch projects from the main project. 

Hope this helps.


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