Need help/inspiration for building a values activity

Hi! It's my first time reaching out on here; I'm fairly new to Articulate and could use the wealth of knowledge this community has and shares :)

I'm working on an interaction for a course about leadership, specifically a section on identifying one's values. I'm looking for help with the drag and drop interaction, and also any suggestions or inspiration for a different way to do this activity.

Here's how the activity goes when done in classroom training:

  1. Learners review a list of values and put them into three categories (YES it's a value, NO it's not, MAYBE it is)
  2. They reduce their categories to either YES or NO (take MAYBE values and redistribute)
  3. Review YES values and determine top 6 values

See the attached story for what I have thus far. I set it up as a file folder drag and drop that would work for step 1 above. However, I'm not sure how to access what they've put into folders once they've gone through the values. Maybe using conditions or variables?

I'm also not married to the folder drag and drop interaction... it's a more literal interpretation of the activity for eLearning, rather than something completely new and with better visual impact. Please share any ideas you may have!!

Side note:  my attached example has 6 of the values listed, but the list is around 30-40 values. This would probably be a lot to look at at one time, which is another reason I'm not completely into the current format.

Thank you so much!! - Lisa

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