Need help! Multiple drag and drop interaction...


I thought I followed the multiple drag and drop tutorial step by step but I still can't get the interaction to submit. In this quiz students must "post" the correct claims to the cork board and toss the incorrect claims in the trash. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

Thank you in advance! 

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Michele Liggett

Hi, I tried to open the revised story but get a message it was created in a newer version of Storyline so I can't open it in Storyline 1.  I'm not sure if my issue is the same. I'm using a Matching Drag and Drop Question, with 5 matching items.  When I preview the project, as soon as I match one item, it moves me to the next slide.  I have the question slide set up to score by question with 4 attempts.  I've tried changing the # of attempts, and feedback selections but same result.  If I preview only the one slide, I can go through all 5 matching items, but not when I preview the full project.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Michele - by the looks of your signature included here, it looks like you are replying via e-mail. This does not allow your attachments to come through, but does include your signature.

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