Need help on states when moving between layers

Feb 01, 2013

Hi All - I've almost got this all figured out except for 1 last problem (I hope!). I have a slide where the user can click on thumbnail pics and different layers come up. The thumbnail 'selected' state is a b/w photo and on the picture layer the thumbnail is shown larger with accompanying text. When the base timeline starts I have a trigger that makes Thumbnail 1 in the selected state and Pic 1 Layer showing.

I think it's working ok except when you are clicked onto Thumbnail 2, 3, or 4 and then click back on Thumbnail 1 both the previously selected thumbnail and Thumbnail 1 show selected (ie, black & white).

I know there's one last trigger I'm missing - what is it?

Thanks in advance!

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Garth Yorko

I made a slight change to your triggers and states.  I changed the initial state of picture1 to normal.  Then I changed initial slide trigger from show layer Pic1 when timeline starts to Show layer Pic1 when user clicks Picture1.

I also added some text directions to the user.  It seems more to me to work a little better because the user is instructed how to interact.  But, I don't have your audio, so I'm not sure if the instruction is in the audio.

Laura Fast

Ok - I think this is the answer (in case it can help someone with a similar problem). I moved the first thumbnail photo & text box to the base layer and then I put this on each of the thumbnail pictures and it seems to be working now!

Garth - thanks for letting me know that it was not intuitive for you to click on the thumbnails. I thought it was, but based on your response I did an informal poll of a few people in one of our on campus classes and it wasn't intuitive to them as well. So I added some small text above the pictures. Thank you

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