Need help - Problem with states

I have just about finished my course, but I noticed a problem at the end. In the quiz scene, I gave learners an option to go back and review the material or take the quiz. When I press Review, it takes me back to the main menu and all my buttons are in the Visited state (good). But, when I hover over each one, 2 of the 5 buttons stay gray and 3 of the buttons turn blue (their normal hover state). As far as I can tell in Edit States, all my settings are the same - so why are some blue while some are gray? This doesn't happen at the beginning of the course - only when I get to the end, go back to review, and it takes me back to the main menu. Screen shots attached to show the difference. I'm working in Storyline 2.

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Michelle M.

I'm not quite sure what that means. So if I set the Main Menu to "Resume to saved state upon revisiting," then when I go back to review, all the buttons will be grayed out, even when hovering? If that's what that means, then that is what I'm looking to do. But I don't know where that option is. How do I do that? Thanks!

Emily Ruby

Using resume to saved state if you always want the slide to remember the state it was in previously when users return to it.  In other words, this allows users to pick up where they left off if they leave the slide and come back to it.

This should keep the visited states as is. As far as the hover states, these should still show when a user hovers even when in a visited state.

Michelle M.

I figured it out, but I had to redo my entire Main Menu slide. When I made it the first time, I think I had created one button, then copied & pasted it to make the other 4 buttons and just changed the text, triggers, etc. Even though the buttons looked ok, apparently the copying & pasting messed up the settings or properties or something. When I made 5 separate buttons, though, it worked.

I heard from other members of my team that they have had similar problems when copying & pasting. One told me that he had copied & pasted a slide and only changed the images on the second slide - but the triggers, etc. did not work correctly on the second slide. He had to redo his slide too. It seems to me that there are some issues with Storyline's copy & paste feature. Is that something Articulate is aware of? Other than avoiding copying & pasting altogether, is there anything we can do about these issues?

Emily Ruby

Hello Michelle!

When you copied the shapes, did you make a new "hovered" state for them? Or was this set up already done on the first shape you created. I did a test file and I created a button, and updated the hovered state. When I copy and paste this, all of the states still appear.

Can you confirm that you are working locally as described here? You may also want to try the steps listed here if you continue to have the same issues.