Need help: Resume Audio on Slide Layer

Jul 15, 2016

Hi all,

I need help resuming audio on a slide layer. I have four slide layers, each with an audio track. If the learner clicks the next button before listening to all four audio tracks, another layer pops up for 3 seconds telling the learner to click all four hot spots before continuing.  Once that layer disappears, we are back on the slide layer with audio -- but the audio doesn't resume.  The properties of the "click all" layer allows me to pause timeline of base layer, but not the slide layer.  What am I doing wrong??? Thanks.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Jeanne -- While testing, I am also experiencing the inability to resume audio on slide layers, and as I am not certain what additional adjustments could be made for improvement, I'm going to set you up in a case with our Support Engineers for additional insights. I will create the ticket momentarily and you will be contacted shortly thereafter by a member of that team. Many thanks for your continued patience. 

Christine Hounsham

Hi Jenane and Christie, My understanding is that Jeanne what you have found is correct - you can not pause a slide layer, only the base layer.

As such I would layout your course with all of your audio files on the base layer.  The click to play audio effect, is achieved by using cue points and pause/resume timeline triggers (as opposed to show layer triggers).  In the amended version of your course below, I have deleted all of the layers, except the 'Complete All Layers' layer.  All works, except you may need to adjust the timeline for the Strategic Initiative elements.

Best wishes, Christine

(Hmmm, seem to be having trouble finding story files to upload on my virtual machine.  Will try to upload from Mac side......)

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