Need Help- Self Teaching Storyline

Hi all,

I am new to StoryLine and am learning as I go.. I need a slide that has the end user type "wis" and then click a hotspot to move to the next slide layer.

I created a freeform quick question in the area where the end user should type. This works fine. The problem is I want the end user to hit the ok hotspot and not "Enter" on their keyboard (which they might do). The quiz question must be set up to skip to the next slide (not next layer) when a user hits Enter..

Is there an easier way to force the end user to type a word in an area and then click the hotspot to move forward? The alternative... how do I make it so this freeform will NOT move to next slide when a user hits Enter.

Any suggestions would be MUCH appreciated.. Attached is the slide I am currently trying to fix..


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Jennifer -- Thanks so much for reaching out with your question! I see that you have attached a screenshot of your slide, but perhaps it might be easier for your fellow community members to offer suggestions to assist if you were able to attach the .story file itself. You may also want to consider sharing your question over in our Building Better Courses forum here for additional insights, as well.