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Jan 27, 2020

Hello Heroes!

I need help! I have created a slide which serves as my progress bar. I change the state of the progress bar each time the learner completes a section of the course. The bar fills in and the icon for the completed section changes from b/w to colored. These state changes are triggered with T/F variables. This part works fine.

Here's the challenge: I want the learner to be able to go back to the beginning of each completed section by clicking the colored icons. I added a condition to each hotspot: Jump to the slide when user clicks hotspot IF the state has changed. This works insofar as the hotspots become live when they should and not before.

The problem is that the hotspots don't go to the correct slide. The hotspots allow the learner  to jump --but only to the most recently completed section. If you look at my images below, if they have only finished the introduction, they can jump back to the introduction no problem.  But when they finish the next section and the target icon is filled in, they can only go back to the beginning of the target's section no matter if they click "introduction" or the target icon. 

I have tried to reorder the triggers, but they aren't moveable. I have tried to add additional conditions but then none of the hotspots are clickable.  I probably need to approach the problem differently, but I can't figure it out. Thanks for your help!

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Sally Wiedenbeck

Hi Kristin,

It looks like this is happening because you have your jump-to triggers conditional on the state of the progress bar - so when the state of the progress bar changes because the user has completed another section, the triggers for the previous sections no longer function correctly.

Try changing the conditions on your jump-to triggers to be the same variables you use to change their states - so Jump to (the slide for the introduction) when the user clicks if (introduction variable) is equal to True.

Or, you can do it based on the state of the icon itself - jump to (slide for the introduction) when the user clicks introduction icon if state of introduction icon is active (or whatever name you have for the colored-in state).

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