Need Help Troubleshooting Formatting Issues in Quiz Banks in SL 360

Hey all, 

Has anyone ever experienced this before?  Here's the situation:

I created a quiz bank from scratch in SL360.  Formatted the text boxes, etc. and saved the project multiple times.  Upon reopening the file, most of the question boxes stopped wrapping and the font increased and runs off the page.  I included an image. 

If they are fixed and re-saved, when the file opens again other questions that were not affected before have the same issue.  Its very strange.  This is the third time I have experienced this both in SL2 and SL360.  I must be doing something on my end!

Does anyone know why this happens or how to avoid this?  Has this been covered before?  Thank you in advance for any advice!


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Ali!  That IS very strange; thanks for including your screenshot.  I did a quick search for known issues with question bank slides having issues retaining formatting, but I didn't see anything off the bat.

Are you saving your files locally to your C: drive?

Can you share a copy of one of your .story files for me to have a look?  I'd like to see if I can reproduce this behavior.

Thanks for reaching out!