Need Help Using Variables and Triggers Across Scenes

Mar 01, 2017

I'm trying to activate a "visited" state for different sections on the main menu screen after users have completed the different sections throughout the eLearning. I wanted to indicate that a section has been completed via a check mark that I created. The default state for the check marks are hidden. I've created a True/False variable at the end of each section that turns True as the timeline starts for the last slide in each section. I then created a trigger to change the state of the corresponding check marks to "visited" once the variable turns to True. For some reason, however, it's not working. The check marks remain hidden regardless of the variable. Does anyone have any ideas about what may be the problem?

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Michael Hinze

The 'When Variable xyz changes' option is limited to the slide where the change actually happens (in your case at the end of each section). Change the triggers that are meant to show the checkmarks on the menu slide to 'When timeline starts' and make sure the slide properties of the menu slide are set to 'Reset to Initial State'.

Kevin Porter

I've made those changes and nothing happened. If I understand correctly, nothing is supposed to happen is it? It eliminates the relationship between the object and the variable. I've attached the file if that might help. The check marks are labeled 1 Check, 2 Check, 3 Check, etc. 1 Check is supposed to appear when the Overview section has been completed.