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Mar 23, 2017

Hello Heroes,

I need help with this file, the goal is that when pressing 1 of the three buttons you would go down the slide path emtala, LWBS, ESI but I am finding the triggers do not allow the buttons to start any action. You are stuck at the first slide. Attached is the file, would love your help!

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Michael Shannon

Hey Elizabeth. You have two things going on here that are very simple to fix. 

  1. Remove the "jump to next slide when timeline ends" trigger on the first page as that will automatically move the user to the LWBS slide if they haven't made a decision within 5 seconds. 
  2. Put your text inside your buttons, not on top as a separate textbox. As it stands when you click anywhere the textbox covers the button it prevents the button from working. 
    1. Select the text and copy it. Then delete the textbox.
    2. Click on your button and then select the "States" menu. 
    3. Click on "edit states" and make sure the "normal" state is selected. 
    4. In your slide double-click the button and paste the text you copied in step 1.
    5. All of your buttons will reflect this change. You'll probably need to select the text and change the color to black. 
    6. Click "done editing" 
    7. repeat for other buttons

This should fix your current issues with the navigation. 


elizabeth gompf


I have another question, there are three modules in this educational module, two have quizzes the LWBS does not.  There is a course completion slide 5.14. If the user starts by going down the LWBS module they do not have to complete the other two modules and quizzes the result slide will show they are complete. I added a results slide 5.13 and included the two quizzes but this did not correct the problem. Any ideas? 


elizabeth gompf

Leslie, All is working well now, just need to turn seekbar back to read only after you adjusted, so they cannot fast forward, or use next until complete . I went into player properties and set seekbar as read only, but I can still use next key to move forward. What do I need to fix??

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