Need help with custom quiz in SL360


I've created a short quiz where users pick the best option for a responding to a specific customer scenario. Each question has a correct answer (20pts), a mostly correct answer (10pts) and two distractors (0pts). They also have the option of asking a "buddy" for a hint. If they take the hint then they are sent to another screen with the same question but the correct answers are only worth 10pts and mostly correct are worth 5. User's need 80% to pass.

This all seemed easy to set-up but I can't get the scores to come out right because the results screen is taking the total points available based on all of the screens rather than just the screens that the user answered. Is there a way to set-up the results to just total the points from the screens that the user submitted an answer for?  or is there a better way to provide a hints that have an associated point cost? 

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Deadline tomorrow... Thanks!

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