Need help with icons/states/layers on a slide

Jan 14, 2021

Hello all! 

I need some help on a slide that I have tried a number of things on and I am not able to create what I need. What I need is for the normal state on the 6 boxes to be yellow and have the text boxes with the Essential Function all be showing and the icon for each one (initial state of the slide). Then when they select an Essential Function, I need the state to change to selected, the color to change to navy and the icon to go away but the name stays. Then after the audio plays out another layer comes up with more information regarding that Essential Function. What I'm having an issue with is the icon. I have tried it 2 different ways. I have tried to put it in the states of the rectangle (Engaging) and the rest I have it in a layer with triggers. Neither works correctly. 

The 2nd thing that I need is they want the replay icon to replay the initial intro audio. Can this can be solved by having the slide reset to initial state?

I'm on a deadline--so any quick help on this would be GREATLY appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Kathleen!

I see that you have grouped objects on the slide! I'd recommend customizing the Normal state of the rectangles to include the text, half-moon shape, and icon. Then customize the Selected state with just the text. Lastly, the visited state should just have the icon and the title.

You can adjust the audio by adding the trigger to Play Media. Then determine when the media should over. For example, when the user clicks a certain button or icon.

I hope others will chime in if they have other tips!

Lauren Connelly

Hi kathleen!

I want our Support Engineers to step in to share their expertise! I've started a case on your behalf so that our team can take another look at your project and determine what the snag might be. You'll hear from our team shortly.

In the future, you can reach our Support Engineers 24/7 by using this link to connect with a Support Engineer.