Need help with logic to reset a text entry field

Jan 23, 2020

Hi. I have a slide where I want the user to practice a workflow. One of the steps in this workflow is to type in the name of a fictional new customer. I used "ACME Glass." I have a trigger with conditions to allow for the same name, but not case-sensitive (for example, "ACME GLASS" and "acme glass" would be OK.

In case the user incorrectly types the name (for example, "ace glass"), I want to reset the text entry field to allow the user to try again. I have a hint layer that appears with the spelling, and that appears as expected. But when I test trying to re-enter the correct spelling (regardless of case), the hint layer keeps appearing. 

I assume I need some sort of logic/trigger that will "clear" the entry in the text field to allow the user to try again. The slide is not a question slide. It's just a plain-old, regular slide. 

I attached three screenshots:

  • 01_new_customer shows the Name (where the text entry field is) field before any entry is made.
  • 02_new_customer shows the name incorrectly entered with the hint slide layer.
  • 03_new_customer shows my Triggers pane.

Any help is much appreciated! :-)



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John Freiberger

Hi Wendy,

Thanks, but I think I figured it out. I think I was over complicating things by having a second trigger with conditions set to "not equal to" my set of values. Once I disabled that trigger and tested the slide, things seemed to work. When I intentionally misspelled the fake customer's name ("ace glass" instead of "acme glass"), and then clicked the checkmark. Nothing happened (as expected). I was still able to click my Hint button, which provided the hint (the name correctly spelled), and was able to re-enter the name, click the checkmark, and got my feedback for a correct entry. 

What I was trying to do was provide some guidance to the user if they accidentally misspelled the name and then clicked the checkmark - I wanted the hint to pop up, forcing them to see that they misspelled the name. This is where I ran into problems.

I think the target audience will be smart enough to click the Hint button when they click the checkmark and nothing happens. Because once they do that, they'll get the hint (no pun intended), and they'll be on their way.

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