Need Help with my Conditional Trigger

I set up a conditional trigger requiring the user to click on the various shapes. The shapes act as triggers which take the user to layers on the slide to provide amplifying information.  I need the users to click on each part of the form before progressing to the next screen.  I can get any one of the shapes to act as a trigger, by itself. However, when I add a 2nd condition, the trigger fails. 



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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Jeff, I took a look at your file and made some adjustments and I believe it now works as you want.

Here is what I did. 

1. I got rid of the base layer that you created and put the rubric on the main layer. I was not sure why you added this extra layer. It is not necessary and I think was causing some problems with the logic. For example, you had the conditional trigger to jump to the next slide set up on the main layer but you were never jumping back to this layer to fire the trigger.

2. I also added visited states to the shapes - these did not seem to be set up. Note I added a little checkmark to the visited state just so that I could keep track of which shape I clicked when testing. You can remove these.

3. Your trigger to click the next button did not seem to be set up correctly - it was set for a keyboard press not a mouse click. If you wanted it to be a keyboard press then you will have to change it back.

I hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions.