Need help with playing different audio when conditions are met.

How do I get the different audio to play when conditions are met?  Actually I got the audio to play but then the original audio starts playing again and I have a condition to stop that media but it's not working? 

I attached the project. I only have the example set up for the patient named Mrs. Aberdeen. It's on her "choices" layer. I have three audio recordings and when certain conditions are met different audio tracks are suppose to play. I can't get it to work. I am also very new with Storyline 360 this is my first project (self taught) 

Can anyone help? 


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Crystal Horn

Hi Sarah!  I had a look, and I saw that the initial narration of the Mrs. Aberdeen's choices layer kept playing after visiting the other layers.  I deleted one of your stop media triggers (the one with AND conditions).  I modified the other stop media trigger to take effect when the timeline starts if any of the variables is equal to 2 (using the OR conditions).

I'm attaching your modified file.  It worked for me, initially.  Let me know if it works for you.

Great job, by the way!