Need help with slide behavior when revisiting

Sep 15, 2014


I am new to Articulate and I need some help...


I have my course setup with custom navigation buttons.

I also use the Articulate Menu in the top bar (from the Articulate Player) to allow users to jump to any given page, either forward or backward (for example, to go back to a question to review it.)

I have setup my course to provide the user with an option to dispay the right answers to a wrongly answered question upon clicking a button shown on the Wrong Answer feedback layer. I also provide another button on that layer to allow the user to clear the question and redo it. Finally, the user can elect to simply continue to the next slide (CONTINUE button).

The Good Answer feedback layer offers no particular triggers, except a CONTINUE button that jumps to the next slide.

The Slide Properties are set to When Revisiting = Automatically Decide.


When using the Menu to go back to a previsously answered question, I note the following:

- If I had answered the question wrong:

Upon revisiting, I am shown both my answers and the right answers. Clicking on the VALIDATE button shows the Wrong Answer Feedack layer (from which the user could Redo or Continue; the Show right answers button is also available but since the answers are already shown, it is not really usefull when revisiting...)

- If I had answered the question right:

Upon revisiting, I see my answers but clicking the VALIDATE button does nothing (does not display the Good Answer Feedback layer).

I would like the feeback to be shown when clicking VALIDATE in this second scenario as well because my feedback text does provide more that just the right answers. I want users who revisit a previously correctly answered question to be able to see this complementary info...

If anyone can make sense of my post, I'd happily share my .story file if you think you can help.

The content and buttons are in French, but the .story file should prove easy to troubleshoot anyhow...

Thanks in advance!!

Annie, Canada.

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