Need help with slide layers

Nov 18, 2016

I have an elearning landing page with several options along the left side. I have created triggers to show different layers as the user hovers over each button.  That works fine.  The problem is that when the mouse is moving from one button to the next, the base layer appears.  I don't want that because the base layer has a large text box that I want to hide.  I have created a new layer labeled "Between" that is supposed to show when the mouse hovers over it, but I still get the base layer - even though I have the properties set to hide the base layer.  I suspect that my target areas are too large, but I'm not sure what the best solution is.  Can you please help?


If anyone can also help with the sound quality, I would appreciate any feedback.  I'm using Audacity, and it seems that no matter what I do, I get a tinny, echo-y sound.  

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Leslie Steele

Thank you for the help, Russell.  That seems to have done the trick!

Do you have any advice for the poor audio?  One person told me that the problem is not necessarily because of the microphone and/or settings; it may be an issue with my speakers, and that how the course sounds could be different on every user's device.  What do you think?

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