Need help with slide trigger settings for a 'final' results slide in a course with multiple quizzes

Hi there

I've  built a course with five quizzes, each with their own results slide, and with questions drawn from a bank for each separate section. My results slide is set to combine the results from all quizzes (so that even if learners don't pass an individual quiz, they can still pass the course overall).

My problem comes with the slide trigger settings for the 'success' and 'failure' layers, as I can't work out how to make the (operator and variable) trigger conditions add together the score points from each individual quiz without needing them to be at pass percentage for each section's result.

All help welcome!

Many thanks.



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Jo

not sure I'm following you.  The combined result slide of the five quizzes should be doing the calculation for you and showing the success layer if they have achieved 86% or greater and the failure layer if they have achieved less than 86% or are you trying to show them their individual scores from each quiz?

Jo Downes

Hi Wendy. Many thanks for coming back to me. It isn't at the moment; I'm getting 100% on the final score slide, irrespective of my not having passed two of the five quizzes. I'll go back and have another go by rebuilding all six results slides from scratch to see if that solves it. Many thanks.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Jo

see attached rough sample.  I have three sets of quiz questions - each with their own result slide, then a final result slide.  The passing score is set to 75% and combine scores.

If I pass the first test I get 100%

If I fail the second test I get 0%

If I fail the third test I get 0%

My combined results slide is My score 33%

Vincent Scoma

Hi Natasha,

When working with results slides, they can either track question slides or other result slides. To assign a question to a results slide, there are a few different ways to do this. This article provides a couple of workflows on how to do this: Storyline 360: Assigning Questions to Result Slides

Please let us know if you have any questions! We are happy to help!