Need help with Sorting activity (Drag & Drop)


I am building a drag and drop sorting activity and I'd like for when the image is correctly dragged into the right category, a feedback box will come out to further explain the category to reinforce learning. 

I am not sure how t go about doing this and if it is possible. I am not great with using variables. Hope someone from Support or the Community can assist me.

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Martin Andersen

Hi Enna,

to get feedback for every correctly placed item, you first have to go to the 'Edit Drag and Drop' and remove the checkmark in Feedback. This allows you to create feedback for every item, without having to click the submit button.

Create a 'Drop Correct' state for every drag item. This state is set when the learner places the item correct.

Create a layer for each feedback you want to give, and write your text. Create a button that hides the layer when clicked.

Add triggers on the base layer for each feedback option, that shows the layer when the items state is Drop Correct.

I have also attatched an updated file for you. Hope this is helpful.