Need Help with Storyline Player

Hi everyone. 

When I click on a file that I have attached to the Resources section of the Player,  it open as a new tab at the top of the browser which is small and hard to see.  Learners have to recognize it and then make another click in order to get to it. 

Is there a way to have these files, once clicked upon, open directly on top of my browser instead?

Thanks for your help.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ed,

I believe this is actually dependent on the web browser that's being used. For example, I currently use Chrome and with my current settings, new pages automatically open in new tabs. 

For example, if a user has Chrome set to open links in a new window, the resource should open in a new window. Whereas a different user might have Firefox configured to open links in the same window, so they would probably see the resource opened in the same window. 

Out of curiosity, what type of files are you linking to? Are they something you could include in the project itself? Or are they documents/downloads that the learner would need to save to their machines?

Peter Anderson

Hey Ed, 

What exactly is the resource you've included? If it's a file, what type of file? 

If it's a web link, it's my experience that the link will open based on the default browser settings of the user. For example, if my browser is configured to open links in a new tab, the link in the resources tab will open in a new tab. 

Thanks for any more info you can provide

Jerson  Campos

I was trying to attempt something similar. Christine is correct. It is browser dependent. Many browsers have decided not to let pop-ups (which is what you are attempting) display on its own little window in front of what you are seeing anymore. New windows will open up as a tab. This was done to prevent pop-ups spamming your screen like they did back in the days.

Ed Franzone

Thanks everyone for your replies. 

To address you questions, these are files such as PPT and Word that learners can download and save to their computers.

Based on what you have said, It sounds like the issue resides with the browswer and there is nothing I can do to change it through Storyline.

Thanks so much for your feedback.  What a great resource you all are.