Need Help with the Forward/Backard Storyline2 functions


I am working on a project and have noticed that no matter how many times I try to send something forward or backward on this project, it is not registering or I may have set something up wrong and just cannot figure it out. I have multiple buttons on an image, and when you hover over them, the buttons change states to give a description. The problem I am having is that a button is appearing in front of my text box. I have tried sending it backward, and even setting the text box as "bring to front" and nothing seems to be working. Is this a common problem, or is there a way around this? (See screen shot for a better idea)

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Ali Goulet

Hi Jessica,

I see what you're describing and it has to do with the order of the objects in the timeline. You'll want to make sure that the objects you see appearing in front of the text boxes when you preview are below that particular object in the timeline. That way they'll appear behind it. It may take a little bit of trial and error for that third slide as there are so many objects, but on the second slide I moved the "Drive Axle 1" button below the "Transmission" button (the one it had been appearing over) in the timeline and it fixed that issue. Check out the screenshot below for reference. I've also attached your project that I made the change to. Let me know if you have questions!


Ali Goulet

Hi again Jessica!

I had a little more time to play around with your third slide here. I reordered the buttons so that the ones that need the text boxes in front of other buttons are above those in the timeline.

The only issue I ran into is that the "Electrical" button has to both be hidden for "Brakes/steering" & "Differential", and those two must also be hidden for "Electrical". Because of this, there was no way to position them in the timeline to make this work. As a workaround, I adjusted the sizes of the text boxes for "Differential" and "Brakes" so they no longer crossed over the "Electrical" button and I made sure that the "Electrical" button was above those two in the timeline so they would be hidden when it's text box shows. I've attached the version of your course that I edited below. 

If you don't like the text box size changes as a workaround, you may find a different one that works for you through some trial and error. Perhaps someone in the community will be able to suggestion something as well. That's the beauty of Storyline, many times there are multiple ways of accomplishing something! 

Let me know if that all makes sense to you! :)