need help with timeline, states, variables

I'm having trouble getting my timeline to play properly while maintaining "visited" state data.

I have 3 buttons that slide in when the timeline starts

When you click a button, the 3 buttons slide out and the proper slide layer appears. Upon closing the slide layer, the "close" button's "visited" state should be activated. And there is also a trigger that sends the playhead back to the beginning of the timeline using this code:
Jump to (current slide name) when motion path animation completes

Trouble is, the 3 original button elements only re-animate back onto the screen if the base layer is set to "reset to initial state" and thus it deletes/forgets my slide layer "close" button "visited" state.  

I need to have all 3 slide layers be viewed prior to user moving on to next item, so I have a variable that is checking for all 3 "close" buttons to be "visited".

If I set the base layer to "resume saved state" then when the slide layer goes away, I'm left with a blank screen because for some reason, my 3 buttons will not re-animate back onto the screen.




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Qinyi Yao

Hi Karen,

It seems that this is a healthcare project, isn't it? I also work on a healthcare project.

My question is: What do you want to achieve on this slide?

It seems to me that there are 4 buttons, in the first button, there are 3 sections. When I click Section 1, it shows me a layer with more information. And when I click X button, I will come back to the main layer, right?

Do you want to achieve closed navigation? For example, NEXT button becomes available ONLY if  the learner clicks all the 4 buttons on top of the slide? If that's the case, you can add 4 variables for each button, and then say when each variable turns true, NEXT button becomes available.

Hope it helps.

Karen Siugzda

HI Qinyi,

I need the user to view the 3 pop up slide layer sections prior to the NEXT button becoming available, which will take the user to the next tab.

User will only be able to navigate using the top tabs once they've completed each tab, that's why 3 of the 4 tabs are grayed out initially. For instance, if they are in tab 3, they can navigate using either the previous/next buttons OR the 3 top tabs, but 4th tab will be grayed out.

The problem I'm having, as stated in original post, is that I'm having trouble getting the program to "hold on" to my "visited" state info (when user clicks X button to close the slide layer)

Due to the code that tells the timeline playhead to return to beginning of the slide, it wipes out my "visited" states. The 3 original section elements only re-animate back onto the screen if the base layer is set to "reset to initial state" and thus it deletes/forgets my slide layer "close" button "visited" state.


Qinyi Yao


Hi Karen,

Ok, so what I understood is that on the 1st slide, you want the learner to click 3 pictures. After they see 3 pop-ups, they can click NEXT to proceed to the next slide. This is how I would do.

1.Name pictures as Pic1, Pic2, Pic3 temporarily

2.Create trigger for pic1: show layer pic1 when user clicks. Do the same to pic2, pic3

3.Create T/F Variables for section 1, section 2, section 3, set default as False

4.Add trigger to pic1, adjust variable section 1 to true when user clicks, the same to pic2, pic3

5.Add trigger to NEXT button, jump to next slide when user clicks NEXT when 3 conditions are satisfied.


On layers, simply add trigger: hide layer when user clicks X.


See revised SL file. Preview that section, if you click NEXT, it won't go to next slide. When you click 3 pics and then click NEXT, you go to next slide.

Karen Siugzda

Thanks for taking the time to so thoroughly review the file and present a solution.  I may be able to use some of your logic. I'll try it out.  However, I need the Next button to be disabled on start, otherwise it looks broken. Also, I am trying to keep the nice animation of the "pic 1"  "pic 2"  "pic 3" items as they slide in and out. That's the real trouble in all of this. Trying to keep that working while also having the variables working correctly. I appreciate your efforts!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Karen!

Qinyi got you on the right path for sure - and made my job easier :)

I adjusted the second scene that was previously shared with you to take into account your additional requirements.

The variables now adjust on the actual layers, the layers 'jump' back to the base slide to take advantage of the 'reset to initial state' setting on the slide properties, and there are two additional triggers on the base slide to adjust the 'Next' button dependent on those variables.

Your updated file is attached.