Need help with triggers

Mar 17, 2016

I've created a project but I'm having trouble with the triggers.

In the attached file, when the user hovers over the small TVs, the mouse should change to a "play" button and the label (e.g., Tasks, File Bin, etc.) should be hidden.  That's working correctly.  However, when the user moves the mouse away from the TV, the label should reappear.  That part is not working. 

I've checked the box for "restore on mouse leave."  What am I missing? 

Thank you,


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Brian Allen

Hi Leslie,

What you're trying to do should be able to be done by only using the image states (normal, hover, etc.).

For these states to work, and for the "restore on mouse leave" to function properly, you do not need to add any additional triggers in the triggers panel.

Storyline makes things like hover states appear (and disappear) automagically, which is nice.

Sometimes when you try to add triggers to do these things it can make the way image states normally function act weird.

So, long story short, I would suggest removing any custom triggers you've added to show hover states, etc., and see how it all works.

If you still have problems it might be helpful to post a sample .story file exhibiting this issue.

Hope this helps,


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