Need help with Variable - Trying to Gamify

Feb 25, 2016

I am creating a Galactica (video) style game (from the 80's) and there is one variable/trigger that I can't figure out.  I have attached the Story file.

The main objective of this activity is that if you don't click on a customer, the company will lose $500.  The total currently shows $10,000 and if a customer floats off screen, then -$500 to the company.  If you click on a customer, then no money is lost.

The way I have it set up:


"Fall"  is True/False

"Total" is 10,000


Set "Fall" to True when the motion path completes

Subtract $500 from "Total" when motion path completes if "Fall" is equal to True. 

The other trigger I have is that when a user clicks on a "customer" then the state changes to Hidden.

I can get the total to subtract by $500 when animation completes

However, if a learner clicks on a "customer" then $500 is still subtracted from the Total.  What I want is no money gets subtracted from the total if a learner clicks on the customer, because that means they "saved them and the company from losing money.

Any help would be appreciated.

I have tried 10 different variable/trigger combos and I'm just not sure at this point.





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Dana Kocalis

Ok, I'm not sure if this is the best solution.  But I figured out that if I create a second motion path for each object and add two additional triggers then $500 will not be subtracted if a user clicks on a customer.

The two additional items I added:

Move "customer" on Motion Path (second one) when user clicks on the customer

Subtract 0 from "Total" when User clicks the "customer".

I have a total of 20 "customers so each "customer will have 3 Adjust Variable Triggers.

I would love to know if there is a "best" practices way to do this - I want to learn proper ways to handle the programming of triggers.



Dana Kocalis

I tried to take it a step farther and have a landing spot titled "The Auditor" so that the unclicked characters would be visible as the money was subtracted, but I can't quite figure that one out.  I am going to stick with Michael's solution for now...since I need to complete this course.  Thanks for everyone's help and suggestions.