Need help with variables

I'm trying to use variables to take the learner to a specific slide layer when pressing a button. The slide destination depends on the choices made on several other slides or layers, but ultimately I would like the landing screen to be a layer on a different slide than where the button is. 

Is this possible? I'm not seeing a way to program it.

By the way, I'm on Articulate 360.

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Ruth Simmons

Michael, Thank you for your quick response.

What I would like is one button to take me to various slide layers on different slides. I'm trying to create conditions to help me do this, but I haven't figured out a configuration that works. 

Example: The learner indicates their social style on one slide, then selects another slide by clicking on a button on a layer and then another button on a layer to identify their colleague's style, and then I want the button on the slide layer they landed on take them to a different slide/slide layer. 

I'm thinking this should be possible, just not sure how to do it.