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Jul 17, 2013

I really need help in understanding why my web object isn't working. I've attached the SL file which is VERY straight-forward; it only has 1 slide. My web object has 2 buttons that call two JS functions. They reference the SL player and change one SL variable. When the variable is adjusted, it's supposed to toggle the states of a popup that I made (Passed or Failed). This works 100% accurately in Chrome & IE. In FF and Safari, the variable changes consistently BUT it doesn't trigger the state change. Can someone help me understand why it doesn't work in FF and Safari as expected, yet it does in Chrome & IE?

EDIT: I should add, I tested all of these browsers with the files on SCORM Cloud; they don’t seem to work locally. I wish they did.

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Jason Johnson

Phil Mayor said:

Hi Jason

I checked this on IE10, Safari, Chrome and FF and it works everytime

Nice job!

Phil, thanks for checking. When you say it worked, what's your definition? I see the variable updating with every click via the text field at the bottom, however the popup doesn't show//change state??? As a reminder, I have a trigger on my slide that is supposed to change the state of the popup when the 'dummyVar' variable is adjusted. At my link (which I'll include), it works for Chrome & IE but not FF & Safari. At your link, it works only in Chrome. Again, by working I'm referring to the popup changing state. It's clearly updating the variable every time. Ideas?

Here's my link on SCORM Cloud:

Jason Johnson

the communication to change the variable is ALWAYS working so the failure is not in the web object or the variable or any of the logic BUT the trigger that listens for the variable change seems to expire or just doesn't fire. Anyone out there have any suggestions of ideas? FF & Safari on Mac seem to work (according to Phil, thanks!) but FF on Windows 7 and Mobile Safari on iPad does not.

Any chance a tech support rep from Articulate can find the technical reason...I really need this to work and there doesn't seem to be a reason on my end why it doesn't. I'd even pay for tech support if it's an option because this project is time-sensitive.

Jason Johnson

This appears to be an issue of HTML5 vs. Flash. I tried it in Firefox v22 with Flash enabled and it worked; then I disabled Flash and it didn't work. And by "worked", I mean the web object is always communicating correctly and updating the variable but the SL triggers don't respond to the variable being updated.The Flash version works 100% and the HTML5 version works...99%. Which is frustrating. I just can't figure out why the SL trigger is firing in the Flash version but not in the HTML5 version, especially since the web object is communicating with the SL player correctly. It's like the HTML5 version doesn't listen for the event. This is definitely FIXABLE I gotta believe. Ideas?

Jason Johnson

Phil, that was a great suggestion and it did help solve the issue. The issue is definitely the way iFrame's get processed in HTML5 vs. Flash. I changed the boolean variable to a number variable and used -1 (init), 0 (fail), 1 (pass). I also tried text variables as a test and I think it could work like that with hard-coded strings but I didn't feel as confident with that. Also, it seems to have an issue with the trigger to "Show Layer". When I tried that trigger, it seemed to lock up the web object but when I leave it as "change state of" and just create different states for my object (in place of layers), it seems to work fine. I'll attach my test file.

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