Need help: Working with Slider Bar in Articulate Storyline


I am trying to build interactive activity using slider and a few buttons:


User should set a start range: 2.4 in one slider, and 6 in another slider then click a confirmation button to enable (show) exit button.

I have completed this activity, however the issue i am facing is that, when I give 0.1 as number of steps of total 6 for the slider. The slider doesn't work for 2.4 and 3.4, but it works when I change the rule to check for 0.4, 1.4,4.4 or 5.4.

It worked for me, when I have changed the number of steps to 0.01. Would like to know is this a known issue/  I am missing something here.

Attached is a sample file, in which the First slide follows the rule of 0.01 steps of 6, which worked for me.

And the second slide follows the 0.1 steps of 6, it doesn't work.


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